Buenos Dias! Time to explore our new temporary home in Valencia. We are digging all the colors and unique architecture, food, and the people. Valencia is on the Mediterranean Sea and not the crowded scene you would have if you went to Madrid or Barcelona. We are excited to be in Valencia because the weather is very nice this time of year, and there is plenty to explore in the city as well as a few interesting places a short drive away. It seems like every street or alley pushes you into another beautiful square full of people out for a stroll soaking up the sun.

It was a Saturday so a little busier than a weekday, and the Central Market was a little crazy for our comfort. It felt like we went, we conquered, we left.

Lunch was a food coma inducing treat. Brad had the paella and I had slow cooked chicken and potatoes. I can see why there is a need for a two-hour nap in the afternoon after a lunch like that.

The evening was spent on the balcony and Brad counting all the ships coming and going out of the harbor while I watched all the people on the street below. Time to rest my tired feet and plan the next exciting day.