Wanderlust or Bust

Not all who wander are lost.

About Me

The How:

I consider myself an experienced traveler, and I love to share my knowledge. On this site you will find websites, contact information, and tested travel activities. I have put together wonderful trips that ages infant to the Silent Generation will enjoy.

I use my own experiences, as well as experiences of those close to me. It is not just my suggestions or opinions on this site; it includes what my family and friends have found important and fun…or not. I will also provide traveling experiences that didn’t work or was not enjoyable. No reason to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to.


The Why:

I love the challenge of making a perfect time for everyone participating. Often, I hear families tell me, “I would love to go there or do that, but I have to think about my kids/parents/grandparents.” My travels and activities usually involve many generations and ages, and trying to include everyone in the plans can be quite daunting.

I am a firm believer in that whatever you do, make sure it is memorable. I believe the best memories are the ones you least expected, but you can’t have those moments if you don’t get out there and see the world.

Let me help you plan a great experience so you can have more time to enjoy the ones you are with. No one wants to stress about the details. Believe me when I say the devil is in the details. I have felt the evil force when plotting out the specifics.


 The Who:

I have a knack for planning and creating wonderful trips, menus, activities, and celebrations for every generation involved. I have had a lot of influences along the way and these talented folks will become familiar to you as you explore my blog.

I am the mother of two grown children, stepmother to two college-age children, a grandmother (Yia Yia) to five grandkids, and wife to an amazing and thankfully patient man. My sister is one of my best friends and my dad and stepdad have been my favorite agents of fortune. My stepmom has the soul of a saint and is one of the most talented master of ceremonies I have ever known.

Traveling across this great land we call the United States has been a pleasure of mine. I have been to forty states and I am excited about exploring the rest. I call Colorado home and love each day I wake up and see the Rockies in the distance. Parts of Europe have been my latest conquest and the rest of the continents are on my bucket list.

I have been in the caregiving field for over twenty-five years, and I have a passion for making people comfortable—yet I love to find a way to challenge them at the same time. I look forward to making you comfortable as well as being your guide to the next challenge that awaits you.

Sit back with your favorite beverage and snack, and let me take the driver’s seat so you can enjoy the ride.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you can find some great ideas so you can avoid the stress and enjoy the ones that mean most to you. Now let’s go create some fabulous memories.

Wanderlust – A deep desire to hit the road and travel, by whatever means desired, to explore and enjoy the world.

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