Destination: San Gimignano. Mission: Find an ionic postcard scene.

I set out to find the picture-perfect landscape you see in all the brochures about Tuscany. I know the most iconic place is a little further south than I wanted to venture, but I knew if I headed in that direction, I would find my jaw dropping moment.

San Gimignano or as Brad and I called it, San G, was just as picturesque as all the photos we looked at when trying to find the best destination to meet our mission. It is an Italian hillside town with architecture, walls, and towers from the 13th century. After squeezing our van Gretchen into a tight parking spot, we headed into town.

The square in front of the church was filled with merchants in tents and tourists looking for that same iconic shot I was looking for.

San Gimignano has many towers dotting the skyline and there are some you can walk up. We found a wonderful spot just outside the walls that made me feel like I was on top of the town so no need to climb up narrow and uneven stairs.

We enjoyed our lunch sitting outside and took in all the beauty around us. Lunch was very good. I had the lasagna and a glass of Chianti wine. We are in the Chianti wine region so that was a no brainer.

We loved the landscape from this point. We took a longer route back home and saw some more wonderful landscapes. It gave us both that iconic Italian feel we wanted.

We enjoyed our day trip in Tuscany and we know we will find more awe inspiring moments. Thanks for joining the journey with us.