Did you know I am a rule breaker?

Please understand that living in a foreign county has its adjustments no matter how much research you do or how much you traveled to different countries. Adjustments do not equal negatives. I have received many private and public messages asking how is it different so on this rainy day I will go over a few things we are adjusting to:

1. Laundry – Not having a dryer and drying clothes on a rack or line. I didn’t know you couldn’t dry your underwear on a rack outside where people can see them. I figured that out in Spain. I guess I have been a rule breaker. I heard someone received a fine because you could see her underwear from the street below.

2. I know…Dana, give up talking about the toilets. Well at least Spain and Italy have toilet seats. This time it is about not being able to flush toilet paper, usually when there is old plumbing. You have to put it in the trash bin. I have only come across this one a few times, but it surprised me.

3. Alfresco dining is huge here no matter the weather. There are heaters and blankets for those determined to sit outside. I think it is because you are allowed to smoke outside and not inside, but not really sure. We have spent many meals enjoying the view snuggled in a blanket or by a heater.

4. Regional languages – It is one thing to learn the main language in each country, but in some places there is also a regional language. In Valencia the signs were in Spanish and Valencian. I have had so much fun trying to speak the language in each country and I have mostly encountered folks that know a little English, so we have gotten by so far.

5. Shopping – The limited selection even in the big stores. We have had to be more creative in our cooking. However, the produce, meat, and cheese options are incredible and I have not been disappointed.

I would not change this experience for the world. We have had an amazing time here, but I know there has been and will continue to be some adjusting to do. I know we will have some bumps along the way. THANK YOU all for sharing this journey with us. I really enjoy the comments and messages. I makes us feel like we have you all with us.