“Off we go into the wild blue yonder, climbing high into the sun.” The Air Force song was playing in my mind as we climbed to the top of the village Montecatini Alto, Italy. We are somewhat used to the narrow roads, but I still squeeze in my elbows as we pass cars thinking that will help.

Montecatini was another great place to get our charming little medieval village on a cliff fix in. We really wanted to take the funicular to the top, but as mentioned many times, we are in the low season, AKA renovation/repair season.

The church of Santi Jacopo e Filippo reminded me of a church we saw in Austria with our friends Mary Beth and Larry. Not too exciting on the outside, but very nice and peaceful on the inside. Saint Barbara’s skull rests in a reliquary. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of firefighters, soldiers, and sailors, hence the somewhat random memorial. Maybe that’s why I had the Air Force song stuck in my head.

We stopped in the village square to sit and take in the charm while getting some refreshments. I have to say that Europeans are dedicated to their alfresco dinning experiences.

La Dolce Vita! Living the Sweet Life!!