Italy. A destination that has won so many hearts and I can see why. We had only been there a few days and I was already in love. Lucca had been a wonderful spot to explore, but it was time to take a day to drive round some of Tuscany’s small villages.

Our first stop was the Devil’s Bridge which is a medieval bridge built in the 11th century and renovated in the 13th century. The scene was so lovely, and I got my workout going up its steep walk. Next, we stumbled upon a chain bridge in Fornoli. It reminded of the chain bridge in Budapest, but significantly smaller.

Did you know the author of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi’s (real name is Carlo Lorenzini) mom grew up in the town of Collodi, Italy? I didn’t know and was happy to see this charming little village on top of a hill. We walked around, but only peered into the enchanting Pinocchio Park with lots of fun rides and things for young children to enjoy. We did enjoy the beautiful day as we walked around the village. We smiled as we strolled by the 52-foot-tall Pinocchio and Italy’s tallest and all the gift shops dedicated to Pinocchio souvenirs.

The small villages in Italy do remind me of the places where fairytales were created and I can’t wait to explore more. Off to plan our next fairytale adventure.