Look who finally made it to Italy. I’ve wanted to come here for decades. I am such a happy lady! We made it to Lucca, Italy and ready to explore.

We chose Lucca because it was not in a major city, but there was still so much to do. Lucca has that medieval city vibe we have grown to appreciate. Lucca is close to many tourist destinations which were a short drive or train ride away. Touring Tuscany has been a dream of mine and Lucca did not disappoint.

Walking around the well known Renaissance wall that surrounds the city is a perfect way to get a good view of what there is to offer. You can walk the wall or even take a bike ride all the way around it.

Our little Airbnb was just a few minute walk into the old historic district. However, our little neighborhood was a delight stroll around. From its funky Saturday market, to its delicious restaurants. Our place was in a little courtyard and we enjoyed a small piece of grass and watching birds from our patio. We had a very nice neighbor who made sure we had our parking spot in the courtyard. She even knocked on another neighbors door and told the gentleman he needed to move his van over to give us room for ours. Nice having someone look out for us.

We loved exploring the center of the old historic district. The buildings and churches were very interesting to see. The shops all had unique items for sale such as the pottery known for the area, and tasty specialty food shops.

We can’t wait to explore more of Tuscany and take advantage of the sunshine. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.