Salvador Dali is one of our favorite artists and we were able to see the largest collection of his works in Figueres, Spain at the Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dalí museum. He was born and died here and he created this fun museum to showcase his fantastic talents.

His talents could be seen in the sculptures, paintings, and installation art pieces. He was an interesting person and it was worth the stop to learn more about him.

We also enjoyed walking around Figueres. We could see the snow capped Pyrenees mountains from our hotel room. We never get tired of walking around these old cities. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and were able to walk most of it off with our stroll through the old town.

I would highly recommend taking some time exploring this unique place and the Dali museum. It was worth the stop.

We hope you enjoyed our stop in the fun town in Spain.