Sagrada Familia was incredible to see. We were thankful we got our tickets online because the line to get tickets was very long. The audio tour was put together well and easy to use on our phones.

Sagrada Familia was originally designed by Antoni Gaudí in 1882 who spent over 40 years working on it until he died. In 2010 there was a huge celebration when it was given the status of Minor Basilica by the Pope and it was designated a UNESCO heritage site in 1984. It is still not completed but the completion date is set for some time in 2026 which is 100 years after Gaudí passed away. We can imagine what that celebration will be like.

The stained-glass windows were everywhere, and colorful light poured in. The columns and ceiling were an artistic and engineering marvel. The façades each side of the building represented the Nativity (Christ’s birth) and the Passion (Christ’s crucifixion). Each side told a story, and the carvings were all remarkable. The museum in the basement was very well put together and we left feeling like we really understood the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating and building this unique place.

The day was was just amazing and one we will remember forever. The food, the people, and culture.

Tip of the day. Barcelona is a wonderful place to see but be aware of your personal items. Barcelona is also known as one of the worst places for pickpockets especially by major tourist areas and the metro. My zipper on my purse latches to a hook and when I got off the Metro I noticed all my zippers were unzipped. Nothing missing because I don’t have a separate wallet in my purse, but still not the best feeling to know someone was that bold.