We have decided Valencia is the perfect spot to stay for touring this part of Spain. We have stayed in the city for most of our time because there is so much to see and do.

Valencia is a nice size city, and the downtown is just lovely. Today we headed back into the soul of the city. We went back into the Central Market to see what it was like without being shoved around like a pinball. It was much more enjoyable, and we were able to take our time.

Our next stop to discover was the La Lonja de la Seda. Yes… another UNESCO World Heritage site to check off our list. This building was completed around 1492, the year Columbus was discovering America, and had our attention as soon as we walked in. Also known as the Silk Exchange this building is a good example of civil Gothic architecture and considered one of the best examples in Europe.

We then headed over to the Silk Museum. It took less than an hour to hold our attention before I saw a café off the gift shop that spoke to me, “Dana, you need to get off your feet and enjoy this beautiful courtyard.” Crazy how cafés can lure you in. It was a nice way to finish the afternoon before we headed back to our apartment.