No, we didn’t jump into a time machine and land in some future city.

Valencia is a city that is hard to be bored in, there is something for all interests. Brad and I took the afternoon to explore the City of Arts and Sciences, a massive complex designed by Valencian architects Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela. It consists of seven structures, each of which is monumental on its own.

We admired the architecture of each of the buildings. The performing arts building was Brad’s favorite while I loved the planetarium/IMAX theater. It resembles an eye, with the theater itself as the iris and the water below providing a reflection to make it whole. The sciences museum was very nice, but the exhibits were not the highlight for us. We both spent more time learning about how these buildings were built. The Science Museum had a very good exhibit on the process, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing how it evolved.

We also took a stroll in the L’Umbracle (umbrella in Valencia), which was essentially a botanical garden covering the parking structure. All the green is wonderful in February. The other structures are a bridge, another performing arts center, and the aquarium that was one of our first posts in Valencia.

We have absolutely loved our time here. We are looking forward to exploring more.