Time to take a three day road trip outside of the Montpellier area. Arles and Avignon were top of our lists of places to see.

Arles is pronounced almost like a pirate saying “Arrr”, but with “la” at the end. Brad made sure to entertain me all day with his version of how to say Arles in his best pirate’s voice. Made me chuckle every time.

Another lovely little city with a lot to do. It felt less cared for than Nîmes, France but still worth the day to explore. There were plenty of Roman ruins to see such as the Arles Arena, The Theatre Antique, and the Ancient Obelisk found in Place de la Republique. All were created in the 1st century.

Our best lunch of the three-day road trip was at the Grand Café Malarte and we appreciated the slow pace of dining in Europe. I think our 13,000 steps made up for some calories consumed that day.

The archaeological museum was fascinating, and included a Roman era barge lifted out of the Rhone River right there in Arles. The barge is over 2000 years old and it is a 100 feet long.

We really enjoyed this region and, once again said we wish we had more time to explore. We will be coming this way on our trek to Italy in March and we hope to see Nice and Cannes as well, so we are not done with Provence just yet.