When I think of Chicago, I think of Cloud Gate, often called “The Bean.” There are many iconic places in visit in Chicago, but Cloud Gate was at the top of my list. It was a hot day, but I was determined to see everything in Millennium Park. No pain, no see the bean.  dsc00175-1

It was just as I had imagined and more. What I had not counted on was the entertainment of “people watching” around Cloud Gate. In some ways it was more interesting than Cloud Gate itself. ‘Hi, my name is Dana and I am a people watcher.’ I guess that’s no surprise because I’m in social work.




The bean itself was amazing and I loved walking around it and looking at it from different angles. Whether you look at it from underneath it or whether you look at it from the sides, you’ll get a very different impression of it. I was having way too much fun taking photos from different viewpoints…but it was only when I put my camera away that I saw how other people reacted to it.



There were people all around the bean, from the old to the young, from all cultures and backgrounds. There were two college-age girls posing in front of it and a couple taking turns posing like they were holding up the bean. I loved watching the kids that thought they could climb it. I overheard an older couple arguing over what Cloud Gate meant. A group of people was trying to convince those in the group that there was a trap door and an office in the bean. We even ran into a couple we had seen on a tour the day before and they were just as enthralled by how people were interacting with the bean.


Am I people watching or am I admiring Cloud Gate? Perhaps it is both.


The next time you’re in Chicago, go check out Cloud Gate—I would love to hear what you think about it. Now, a final question for my readers: Is it better to bean or not to bean?