Lodging in the Trendy Logan Square Area of Chicago

As I have said before, VRBO.com is a great site to find that special place to stay. When looking at Chicago, there was so much to choose from. I wanted to find something close to the city, but in a quiet neighborhood. I wanted to be able to walk to restaurants and maybe a neighborhood grocery store…and by George, I found it. The photo above is of the owners part of the home. The apartment is through the side gate and down a few stairs. 

We located this lovely basement apartment in Logan Square. It was just as we expected and more. Doug, the owner of the home was great at communication and he provided us with some tips on what to avoid and what to seek out. His elementary-age son was a hoot and shared what he loved to do in Chicago, so if we ever come back with young children, we have some perspective.

It was nice to come back after a long day of sightseeing, sit on the patio set outside our door, and enjoy a glass of wine. One evening there was a neighbor on a patio with a TV playing, but otherwise it was a quiet place to chat and talk about our day. My husband even got to witness his first firefly. He was like a kid when he saw it. I thought he was going to ask Doug for a mason jar so he could capture one.


We dined at our apartment more than eating out. It saved our budget and it was nice to relax without the chaos of waiting for a table. We could also enjoy the outdoors some more. There were a couple of wonderful little neighborhood restaurants and grocery stores, so we did not go hungry. I have to admit we ate a frozen pizza one night, and I hope the Chicagoans forgive us. We made up for it the nights we did eat out.

It can be quite daunting to find that right place for everyone, but if you approach it with an idea of what is important in a place to stay before you book, it can be less stressful.


Life is better when you have a good night’s sleep, which you can only find at a comfortable place like this.